Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Stroll in the Park on Sadieday

Today we would like to celebrate Sadieday by going for a stroll at the dog park! If you don't know about Sadieday, check out the Beaded Tail blog.

Let me introduce my pups, Sasha, the huskimo (Siberian Husky & American Eskimo dog mix):


and Gizmo, the gremlin chihuahua:

aka the Grey team as we refer to them ;)

Although we never knew Sadie in person, she left little paw prints in our hearts. What better way to celebrate her life than to do what she loved?

We know Sadie loved to go for strolls, on leash and off leash. Here at the park we get to run around off the leash which is a great way to expel energy.

There are also plenty of new and interesting things to sniff!

Hope you have a great Sadieday. Give your furry friends a hug :)

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  1. We enjoyed going on a Sadieday stroll with Sasha and Gizmo! Thank you for honoring our sweet Sadie today! We have been missing her terribly this week since she loved Thanksgiving turkey so we were too sad to do a Sadieday post on our blog today but you brought smiles to our faces and we appreciate that very much!

  2. I'm sure Sadie Girl was walking right along with you Sasha and Gizmo. We miss Sadie too and sometimes my SadieDay stroll is kinda sad when we think about her. But, we know Sadie wouldn't like that so I pick my tail up, hold it high and stroll away! Thank you for taking us along on your stroll today....we enjoyed it! Hugs to you from SisseeLou and Mama

  3. What a sweet tribute to Sadie Day! Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. Very fun to see Sadieday popping up all over the place! Fun to see this dynamic duo celebrating at the dog park!

  5. I love love love the tail!

    Of khourse, Angel Sadie khan tell woo all about my fluffy tail!

    Thanks fur letting us stroll along!


  6. doggie parks are so neat! Our Buster, he needs a good stroll, to walk off all the food his daddy gives him. Yes, it's nice to see a Sadleday! And what cute pups to initiate it! {:-D

  7. What a great way to celebrate Sadieday :) I bet Sasha and Gizmo had a great time!

  8. Thanks for the stroll for Sadieday! always love 'sniffing' through the neighborhood

  9. What a wonderful tribute for a dear four legged friend. Doggie parks are awesome!

  10. Sadieday!!
    a wonderful tribute! Sadie's paw prints are definitely on many hearts.
    Sasha and Gismo--the grey team--are very beautiful dogs! so glad you shared them!


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